Have you ever accidentally found money in your jeans?

When I was growing up, I loved wearing jeans. I’d wear one pair, then pull out another and soon I’d have an assortment of jeans hanging on hooks behind the door or (cringe) in a pile on the floor.

My mother thought I was bonkers.

A pair of jeans might have sat there for a week, or a few months, before they were washed. Right before they went for a wash, I’d dig through the pockets to empty them. Now and then, I’d find a few crinkled bills, and I’d make a big announcement: “I’ve found money in my jeans!”. My mother thought I was bonkers, but the delight and surprise of finding something valuable that had been hidden all along in my own jeans pockets was exhilarating.

Finding a new treasure

A similar feeling of delight came over me in more recent times when I happened to stumble upon a small treasure—not of money, but of some valuable knowledge: how to conveniently stop leakage (a problem I personally experienced at inconvenient times!) by adding a simple tool and a few modifications to some exercises that were already a routine part of my life.  Now, this was exciting! 

Could this also be a treasure for you?

Maybe you deal with the inconvenient and sometimes embarrassing problem of leaks.   Instead of driving yourself crazy, trying to ignore the uncomfortable feeling, or spending money to throw another pad on, how about accidentally finding a highly effective exercise program and putting it to good use to help stop leaks?  

Yet right before we dig into this little khazana (treasure) of an exercise program, let’s find out why we go about it the opposite way—and why it slows us down a lot.

There are a few popular approaches when it comes to stopping leaks.

One is doing Kegel exercises ad nauseum and the other involves inserting something into your body. If neither of these work, you might choose to simply ignore those symptoms as much as you can.

These options don’t sound empowering to me; how about you? 

When you run into evidenced-based research with proven results, you have to thank your lucky stars.

A short two-fold story about how I found this unexpected treasure.  First, I “stumbled upon” a professional who not only had experience working with women to strengthen the pelvic floor with the aid of a special exercise tool but who also invented it. The other unexpected part of the treasure was that this same piece of exercise equipment was the focal point in a research study!  The 2 women who conducted this research study had suffered extreme symptoms from compromised pelvic floor muscles and were delighted to publish a report in a professional journal about how effective the tool was when combined with the proper exercises. 

Thank your lucky stars, continued…

We need to stumble onto something where others have gone before us! Their hard work can, for us, be the “water shed moment” (pun intended) that will change our lives!! 

What if you could use this same piece of exercise equipment and what if you could follow an exercise program that is evidence-based to help stop leaks? I am developing an 8-week program which not only makes use of this innovative exercise tool with a set of evidenced-based exercises, but also provides clear guidance, and understanding of the role of your Pelvic Floor, and support for your progress through an observation journal and a model for powerful habit change and encouragement. So stay tuned! 🙂

And now for a tiny summary

  • Sometimes we stumble upon a small “treasure” that is easily accessible. It might be a stash of money hidden in a pair of jeans, or it might be a bit of knowledge that will change our life for the better.
  • There is a convenient, effective, and practical way to stop leakage that is easily accessible, convenient, and available for you to try at any time. I dare say, it’s even more delightful than finding money in your jeans pockets!