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Benefits of Yamuna Body Rolling

- Health

- Beauty

- Wellbeing



Yamuna Body Rolling…

Decompresses tissues and impinged nerves that are frequently the source of debilitating pain and stiffness.

Improves circulation and reduces toxins as constrictions in tissues are released and acids or toxins are squeezed into and through the circulatory and lymphatic system

Increases your body’s fluidity and flexibility by gradually releasing shortened or contracted muscles, and softening hardened fascia.

Increases bone health by stimulating bone vascularity

Prevents pulling injuries in your work, fitness activities & recreation by releasing overly tight muscles and tendons

Improves joint function by realigning distorted patterns and reducing instability created by an imbalance between overly loose and overly tight muscles and ligaments

Improves pelvic alignment critical to posture and health by releasing constrictions and strengthening the pelvic girdle

Strengthens the core by recruiting muscles required to support your body as you roll on the ball

Improves digestive organ function as fascia constrictions are reduced and organs are stimulated



Yamuna Body Rolling…

Improves and realigns poor posture and unbalanced symmetry

Reduces cellulite by lengthening and breaking up fibrous tissue that holds subcutaneous fat

Lengthens your body by “rolling out” contracted tissue and creating healthy space between joints, ribs and vertebrae.

Increases a healthy glow to your skin by improving circulation and removing toxins

Helps you to move with greater fluidity and gracefulness as your joints are allowed to move the way they are intended to and tensions are released throughout the body



Yamuna Body Rolling…

Frees up pain and tension in your back, shoulders, neck, hips, legs, knees, and feet.

Induces relaxation and pleasure as deep tissues are massaged and endorphins are released

Relieves stress as breathing deepens, your pace slows down, and you become more centered


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